Thursday, November 26, 2009

hmmm....dont cheat o copy

yupeee my exams are almost getting over... finally i can hope of fresh air. I am so much waiting for my exams to get over and i realised i love studying and specially writing in the exam hall. Its so good feeling it feels so contented and better. I hate it if someone looks at my answers and write i cannot copy because copying is a talent n i dont have that...:( and its my hardwork thats being stolen so dont copy!!!
I still have 2 more exams. and waiting for it to get over:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

blah blah blah.....

romance,compatibilty,love and blah blah blah

I donno why when someone talks about love.romance n stuff all i do is wonder if it really exists or is it just a exaggerated thing like fairy tales???......i love fairy tales only because everything is so perfect in it and so beautiful and best part it doesnt exists. Its so much different from fairy tales, everyone talk about this so called love ,i can never believe it maybe cuz it doesnt sound real and it sounds stupid. My friend is getting married by the end of year n she is on cloud 9,all things she says about in love really makes me wonder what it is.... but anyway who cares who has so much surplus time to invest in those things... aaaaaaaaaahhhh! crazy world!!!...

ooow... inspiration

OMG!... its been such a long time since i shared something i have so much to share and so less time at times i feel 24 hrs is really not enough. Its strange chenraj sir always says that time management is very important, multi tasking is something that very one must learn if they want to suceed and multi tasking should be done only if they are sure they can do it,burdening oneself is not multi-tasking. Everything should be done on that particular day and finish it with satistifaction because its your work,give your best shot everytime you do something , even if its telling lies say with confidence and stick to it.Hmmmm ..... can never forget his personal pep talks (serious personal talks with selected students) n his entertaining and sometimes drowsy speeches at events.

Well, now life is so better once you feel there is no one at your side and next time you turn back you find a huge crowd. Everything is becoming so unpredictable, but whatever it is "I am having FUN"... Even hard times are better now, i have learnt to move on n have fun with my life.YEAH!! my life is always happening ..:)
and even if no one is with me when i am alone all i feel is "winner stands alone".
what the hellll... you live once,freak out,have fun ,enjoy every moment good o bad. Be happy all the time:).....Though there are people who want to bring you down but nevermind you gotta climb faster time doesnt wait for you.. actually nothing does so just have fun.