Sunday, January 3, 2010

last sem!

My last semester started and i am feeling bad because my college is going be over, my friends, fun life (where i was allowed to learn from my mistakes) is all going to be over in just 2 months. Planning for future what i want to be for rest of my life seems to be a very big life changing decision. Feels like i am too young to understand what i want. have too many things in my mind i dont even know if things are going to be like how i want them to be.Its hard to imagine that i am a big girl now and everyone is going to judge me and grade me in their minds (which i hate). i am responsible for myself now.Time s running so fast and i have to catch up with it

Good part is that finally i am a big girl which i wanted to be from very young.I am responsible for myself now no burdening parents. I can be independent in every way specially financially. I am at that stage where i can understand the meaning of hard earned money. I can be what i wanted to be its feels great.Finally attending interviews for job... campus interviews hmm kinda scary but with fun ... I cant wait to earn a job for myself!! n pursue my higher studies i hope everything works out for me..!:)