Thursday, May 12, 2011

Royal wedding..

I am a sucker for fairytale n monarch life. Royal wedding of kate middleton and prince willam now the duke and duchess of cambridge was so much like a fairytale. I was up all day (though i was horribly sick) watching the royal wedding. Princess diana is still my fave..

I dint like her hair, she lost lot of weight after her engagement i dint like her wedding dress though i loved other one she wore later that day. I was following the wedding on BBC live and i kept looking out for more info on net as well.Loved tiara Official photographs were beautiful n it was a love marriage. beautiful cars, royalty on the whole wonderful fairytale wedding loved it.

I found out one thing that took out all excitement in me about the wedding "NOTHING IS WHAT IT SEEMS"

.Life and its strange ways..

Life is strange in a way. Why do we always have to loose what we gain? its ok if it loses its luster but losing entire valuable thing??

Everything that exists come to an end . why? We meet only to depart and we grow fond of things only to give up.

Maybe its the way nature tells us to adapt to change and to let go off certain things for good.It is very important to be flexible and to adapt when its needed and to let go off things to make way for new ones (i guess).Life and its strange ways..