Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nagargalli beautiful place:)

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

hmmm....dont cheat o copy

yupeee my exams are almost getting over... finally i can hope of fresh air. I am so much waiting for my exams to get over and i realised i love studying and specially writing in the exam hall. Its so good feeling it feels so contented and better. I hate it if someone looks at my answers and write i cannot copy because copying is a talent n i dont have that...:( and its my hardwork thats being stolen so dont copy!!!
I still have 2 more exams. and waiting for it to get over:)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

blah blah blah.....

romance,compatibilty,love and blah blah blah

I donno why when someone talks about love.romance n stuff all i do is wonder if it really exists or is it just a exaggerated thing like fairy tales???......i love fairy tales only because everything is so perfect in it and so beautiful and best part it doesnt exists. Its so much different from fairy tales, everyone talk about this so called love ,i can never believe it maybe cuz it doesnt sound real and it sounds stupid. My friend is getting married by the end of year n she is on cloud 9,all things she says about in love really makes me wonder what it is.... but anyway who cares who has so much surplus time to invest in those things... aaaaaaaaaahhhh! crazy world!!!...

ooow... inspiration

OMG!... its been such a long time since i shared something i have so much to share and so less time at times i feel 24 hrs is really not enough. Its strange chenraj sir always says that time management is very important, multi tasking is something that very one must learn if they want to suceed and multi tasking should be done only if they are sure they can do it,burdening oneself is not multi-tasking. Everything should be done on that particular day and finish it with satistifaction because its your work,give your best shot everytime you do something , even if its telling lies say with confidence and stick to it.Hmmmm ..... can never forget his personal pep talks (serious personal talks with selected students) n his entertaining and sometimes drowsy speeches at events.

Well, now life is so better once you feel there is no one at your side and next time you turn back you find a huge crowd. Everything is becoming so unpredictable, but whatever it is "I am having FUN"... Even hard times are better now, i have learnt to move on n have fun with my life.YEAH!! my life is always happening ..:)
and even if no one is with me when i am alone all i feel is "winner stands alone".
what the hellll... you live once,freak out,have fun ,enjoy every moment good o bad. Be happy all the time:).....Though there are people who want to bring you down but nevermind you gotta climb faster time doesnt wait for you.. actually nothing does so just have fun.


Sunday, October 18, 2009

ah ah its change

i am on call listening to music n enjoyin my vacations, suddenly a thought on thing i ve been goin through struck to my mind. I have my life sailing in a different direction and all the things thats happening, its strange to notice that things take toll on u n wen u want that thing to dissappear it doesnt give u wat u want but instead throws another thing at you.Things start to work out strange way that u wouldnt have imagined n no matter what life moves on.[:)]

At times u search for something and u never get and wen u stop hoping for it n feel numb abt it then a silver lining appears on the horizon. It really hurts to know that wen u stop hopin for it n feel numb abt it thats wen life shows to u that hope gives u patience n patience takes time n time yeild u fruits......

praising someone to get ur work done, keepin a face n doin something that should be done n ur heart needs something else and after all this u stil act really fine.... its difficult for a starter but being a bitch at times pays off. but its really hard... everyone does it n no one accepts .no one wants to be labelled as bad everyone wants to be good but its life u gotta play every role n ur role keeps changing.

I love the way things are changing n i am happy to witness it for others as well as mine..

Friday, October 2, 2009

It's been a very longtime i posted

After a longtime i had some time after all my work,now that my exams are comin' up my time is being consumed by my projects,case studies,seminars,presentations and submissions. The best way for me is twitter, no matter what i make sure i twit everyday, so follow me on twitter:)

Now my home n my college being wifi enabled its lot more easier for me to surf. I also got a new phone last month nokia 5800 xpressmusic ,touchscreen. Its touch feature makes things better and types of key pad's are like a relief for me as i text a lot. Its one touch to web browsing n wifi connectivity is so cool feature i surf everywhere in house in college before sleepin and after i wake up... its so fun. There are lot more features with my cell that i can never be bored and of all my cell did help me with the online search n other softwares when i figured out that my subimission was incomplete n deadline was after 3 hours on the same day. It was a life saver.

Well it also hav some flaws though its a cute,smart, girly looking phone it doesnt work when i am in hurry n also hangs a lot n has loads of other problems too!..... But when u are in love with it u cant leave it no matter what...:)


Monday, September 7, 2009

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Sunday, August 9, 2009

party after 2yrs...!

I was feeling very low as my life was changing . I had so many questions in my mind and had answers for no questions. My life was Topsy-turvy. Thats wen i decided to put on my best pair of shoes and slip into my black dress.

I started to live my life the way i did when these people wernt there in my life. No issues,people who want to go way. I let them to do so.. not expecting them back with me ever again.I really let it all go. I was happy that i finally learnt to let go and this time i opened all the doors that i have locked in order not to hurt these people feelings.

To my surprise i was shocked the way new people waiting to be part of my life. I went to a private party at disc organised by my friend. I took a friend of mine into that party when i entired i was greeted by many of my old old friends whom i had forgotten once existed. It was fun to know everyone at that party like from 5 yrs??...:)

My left hand with the stamp at the party:)

When the party began i could see people dying to talk to me. i was engaged all the time and was a good time to remember. Then when i dint care a damn about past and saw a beautiful present in a weeks time evrything was back to me..

That's when i understood being myself is better than to be someone you are not. i love parties, i love to drink,i love to dance,i love to loose myself to the tune and groove,smile to people and laugh at the guys who try to impress me and try to flirt with me. I know myself well and yes I LOVE TO BE ME cuz i know no one else can ever be me no matter what...

like i always say: I LOVE MYSELF I BELIEVE MYSELF..:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time makes Difference

Today was one of the best days i have ever had. I met my N.C.C junior's had fun thinking about those days when i was there.Initially i was very irregular because i had many things to do (bunk and laze around the college :P) , then later eventually entire coy was under me and every one were amazed to see different me after an year.

Even in class i have realized how being myself pays.Sometimes people are unbiased and everyone's a different individual.I have learnt to control my anger,ego and to have patience.Sometimes things you dont expect to work out does and other times things you want to work wont. :"Time is a dictator of our lives,
Patience is the virtue of wise"


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last college fest of my college

L-R: me,sindhu,manasa,vaju,brinda

Today was the last day of my college fest. It was inter-collegiate fest.I went their at the time mr and miss enthic was to be chosen among the contestants. This will be the last fest ever i will be attending of my college.

It was good to be with my friends wearing saree and chit chating with them watching events and hogging. After a while we were bored of the fest so went to friends place near by had a real good chat with them.Then was the photo sessions and then i came back home thinking that these days will be over in some time and i will never get these days ever ;(

But the good thing is i always wanted to be a grown up girl and now i am wat i always wished to be. Now in pracitical way my life has begun. and i have decided to live it full without regrets and learning from mistakes.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lines i like from -' War and Peace'

LEO TOLSTOY has well observed the people of different countries and their way of apporach:

The penetrating observation is equally when appiled to nations:

A Frenchmen's conceit springs from his belief that mentally and physically he is irrestitibly fascinating both to men and women.

The Englishman's self assurance comes from being a citizen of best organised kingdom in the world'and because englishman he always knows what is the correct thing to do,and everything he does as an englishman is undoubtedly right

An Italian is conceited because he knows nothing and does not want to anything,since he does not believe that it is possible to know anything completely.

A conceit of German is the most stubborn and unattractive,because he imagines that he possesses the truth in science-a thing of his own invention but which for him is obsolute truth.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things change but their memory remains.....

'You were topper of the class' said my childhood friend who has studied with me for 9 long years. We all were in same class . I dont even remember how i was at school till they told it. I was wondering in my mind am i the same me ?who was everyone's sweet heart at school and at home.

Today morning while i was still in bed ,dad was waking me up for his 3rd round of morning tea then i heard someone shouting my name outside the gate. So i rushed out to see who it was to my surprise they were my school friends. ;)

Then after they settled in our living room we had nice fun talking about our school days.the giety feeling of
Annual day-the lights ,stages,fog,loud music,the late night performance and great audience.It was not less than any bollywood award function

Sports day-{the sports which i was pretty bad at and my sis was good anyway we still used to have other stuff like Hoops,dumbbells,dance n more]

Teachers day
- entertaining teachers... it was blissfull.

Childrens day- teachers entertaining students... tat was soo much fun..

New year- wow damn can never forget the new years i have celebrated there with them
the yummy cakes of each class and sections,performances , celebrations just no words to express. Can say it showed Unity of class.

Republic day - flag hoist ,patrioism, dance ,colouring and prizes

Independence day -was similar to republic day celebration but it was before my birthday:)

Our class ,the play sessions,being school leader i miss them all.... and specially those special friends who used to help me to complete my notes while i was in all celebrations and missed my classes during reharsals and practices.
they really stood by me and accompany me everywhere i used to go. Many joined us to make it happen and teachers always guided us the right way.

I miss my teachers a lot who were real sweethearts who understood us better than our parents did.Who were spending time with us more than our parents...:)

My friends and i shared some old pictures and our memories I was feeling so very nostalgic and happy.Spoke to them after really really longtime .It was an amazing feeling to know how things change and what others are now. It was best day of my life may be because i had thought i'd never see them ever again. The innocence and purity days is what i'd like to call it as may be they will never come...or wil they???

Sunday, June 21, 2009

;) yay! dad u rock...

My dad is everything to me.. My dad is my HERO ..My dad is my LOVE my dad is STRONGEST OF THEM ALL.. MY dad is me.. I am his lil Princess.. He is My heart and Soul.. he is the one who will be always there for me and always will....
Honestly what i feel about him is beyond expression of words...! I LOVE U DAD U ARE MY STRENGTH MY WEAKNESS>...... i love u...!<3...:) ...:X mwah..! happy fathers day daddy...!

A BEAUTIFUL LETTER ......:) happy fathers day....

Sweet heart,

As the days and years are passing like a cloud some of us forget, to share the unforgettable moments spent with our loved one and of course we forget to thank them for giving such unforgettable wonderful days in our life. Even though it’s human nature, it’s our duty to set a small reminder in heart to thank our beloved ones when they leaving us.

Now its time for me to share my thoughts about the minutes which we spend together and thank you for the same. Today it’s your birthday, the day which I was waiting eagerly for the whole year. I dedicate all the flowers blossomed today and all the blessings of god to you. Wish you a happy and prosperous birthday dear. To be frank I am not much happy today as I was before on all your birthdays, only because you want to make this same day for an another wonderful occasion in your life……. Yes I mean it to your “Marriage” only. Hope now you are well matured to decide your life with wedding bells. I don’t know how to react because today is the day I found myself confused whether I have to show my tear or smile. The point which I was sure is, not to make you to feel uncomfortable and cry while leaving me. I am confident that I can smile even when was crying much loudly inside my heart. I thank god for giving this ability for me.

I am surprised of fate or practically called as coincidence that we met each other was also on your birthday, the day I realized Aishwarya Rai was not the only beautiful woman in this world but here is another one to compete with her. Your erotic eyes, half an apple cheeks on either sides, soft hair that fights with air, the cuteness you had on your face made me feel the leisure of heaven with a mild music. I was introduced to you by your mother but you are least bothered about me, not even a small smile. The moment I found a drop of tear falling from your eyes, I recognized that you are in some problem, but you started crying loudly. You are such a stupid who doesn’t have an ability to control the feelings when meeting a person for the first time. Finally I managed to make you to smile and laugh louder at me by making funny reactions and crazy sounds even though you don’t know that I was a good mimicry artist. That’s the moment when you hold my ring finger with your soft hand; from that I understand that you like me very much. I said to myself, “Here is your angel, don’t leave her alone at any cost. You are the one appointed by god to take care of her and made her life beautiful. It’s your duty to make bliss in her life each and every minute”. This was the oath too, I took on that day and I hope I have made justice for this statement till this moment.

When days passed on we came closer and closer. Our relationship turns into a tight knot that made me to feel I was totally addicted to be with you. Travelling in a life journey is lot of fun... you know speed thrills, but in the worst case scenario we may be take diversion sign and mad on someone. I never expected that I will go such crazy on you. Just for your cute kiss I used to pay for an ice-cream whenever you like. Some days it was raining and I rushed to shop to buy ice-cream even when I was full wet in rain. I love to watch the impatience on your face when you hurry to tear the cover to taste it. Hope you wont forget the those days that ice-cream got smashed over almost 70% percent of your face, and you asked me "Am I eating dirty?”. Even it was the fact I always used to nodded my head from left to right and say "No dear.... Not at all".

Until your entry in my life I hated travelling and I was a full time book worm. At any cost I have to admit that I love travelling now only because you will hold my hands tightly and fall asleep on my shoulder. I loved those moments. The interesting part of our journey was you looked at me with a dirty feel without admitting that it was your fault, because you are the one who vomited on my shirt.

I felt bad at times when you met failures or disappointments but I use to thank the god for giving me such an opportunity to show all my care and attention on you in that situations and every time use to tell the same bored dialogue for you “Don’t worry dear, it happens. Am always there for you”. I pray more to bring success in your life and pray little to give me these kinds of chances at least once in a while to show my love and affection on you.

At this moment I have to defiantly mention about your shopping skill dear. Uff…. Those are the days I just believed girls are always girls. For gods shake I am blessed, not to work as sales man in Life style, Pantaloons and Khadims. When ever you started asking “Hi Dear…. I need a new sandals and an Anarkali Chudi…. Can you come with me for shopping?? Because you are one who can select a good one for me”. (Even we both know the final selection will be yours).That was the moment my soul speaks to me “Hi…. Today half a fate starts to you and full fate starts to the salesman” because I am sure even anarkali won’t take 6-7 hours to choose a chudi but you will do that for one anarkali chudi. Won’t you agree??? But I love to be with you on those moments with a smiling face and use to tell “Take your own time dear, will be with you until you find the perfect one”.

I practiced myself to dance in rain only because you love the same. I understand you are scared of darkness and thunder, but I use to pray to be with you in such situations only because you will give me a tight hug for ever thunder in dark night with or without your knowledge. The best thing in my part of life was the moments you feed food for me only because I have feed a mouth full of food for you. The fights we had on those occasions made us to shout at each other only to prove who has more love on another. As I was grown older and elder than you, you remind my mother who had feed me with love and affection. And I realized those are moments where younger become older and older become younger.

I never ever forget those memorable nights which I spend with you darling because am the one and only care taker of you even though you grown older. I love to watch while you sleeping on my chest for almost half the night. Of course that was the moment I realized that I was not all a bathroom singer but I can make a person to sleep calmly by singing. May be the reason would be “Its better to sleep rather than hearing my boring song” but I have no other go because am not even a 1% Sidney sheldon to say good stories.

There was some misunderstanding between us too. We are not the exception for the ego and clash. But the interesting part was it won’t exceed more than a day or two. Every time final result would be you are into my arms and we kissed each other on our foreheads with a word “Am sorry, Forgive me dear”. We both could not hide our emotions at those times. You then lied over my shoulders and cried till there were no more tears left from your eyes and we use to say each other “This should not happen again”.

Even though your mother was little jealous of our relationship she admits and use to say that “I was the best thing that happened in your life to make you happy forever”. A sincere thank to her who understand our relationship clearly and let us to go in our way.

God must be crazy," He gave me the most valuable gift to me, and it’s you..... But he is ready to take you away from me as the way he gave me suddenly in the name of marriage and made me to cry again not once, not twice, but forever for you”. It’s no matter for god to do like this and the final loser would be me, only me. Its time for god to fill the antonym of my sadness as an answer to another lucky guy’s happiness. Hope god won't believe in give and take policy because he is going to take you away from me without giving anything to me other than your memories.

Since this world is small I know you will meet me once in a while and am sure that your love and affection towards me won’t get reduced at any cost only because there is another person in your life to show love and care on you. It’s your wedding day today. It’s party time now. So no more hearty feelings but just I thought to share what all I felt. As you wish you have got an ideal partner to share your life.

Finally I need a favor from you dear, Please forgive me if I hurt you in any way and do remember that “Am always there for you and am longing for your love”. Don’t cry when you leaving me because I will loose my confidence that I can live without you and please leave a smile at me which was powerful enough to take control over any kind of emotions of mine.

It’s a fact that we won’t express our feelings in words when our loved one is with us. Now its time for me to say in words how important to me you are. Hope you guessed who am I now…………..












Yes, I was your crazy dad who had not said the below words to you for these many years. Here I go….. "You are hardly nailed into my heart! I love you so much more than anything in this world, Miss you so much dear!!!" .Today is your day…… Day is going to filled with honey bunches and tons of flowers ………Time for your wedding bells, Happy married life my dear sweet daughter. Cheers….!

Today I have to return home only with your memories when you could no more to welcome me with arms open wide to hug me when I open the door but where ever you go you are mine. My sincere prayers and blessings are always there for you.

With Love,


Saturday, June 13, 2009


"He that would live in peace and at ease must not speak all he knows or all he sees"

- Benjamin Franklin

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happily ever after??! y?

At times moving on becomes a part of life. no matter what we do life is short and the harder we try to live it good it becomes more harder. When things start falling apart do ur bit n sit back after a while you will see they will be back in the places.and things which wont be were never yours.

"To live happily ever after"
I've always loved fairy tales from childhood. The princess stories are my favorite may be because everything in it will be so pretty and beautiful and if we see our lives even it is the same but we fail to recognize it at times.The bad guy of the story makes things more perfect.He does a evil thing to hurt and in turn they become strong.'NO ONE CAN HURT U UNLESS U LET THEM TO'

Though they have to undergo such an agitation but it makes them understand things better and gives them scope for improvement. and it is necessary for the good characters who survive it to move on n that's when they live happily ever after.

so,I believe in MOVING ON and focus on other things life's short live it happily without regrets and get what i want n be everything what i want to be:)

Sunday, May 10, 2009


When you feel sad

Come to me I will embrace you

Your agony will be drained away.

When you feel happy

come to me I will embrace you

your happiness will grow and will be doubled

when u don’t feel anything

come to me I will embrace you

you will know me who I am

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I LOVE PURPLE COLOR. That's my fave color since i was in 7th grade. I dunno why i love that color but i just have major attraction to it.

Later in my high school i learnt that it was known as royal colour as the kings used to wear attire of this color.This color dyes were very expensive as it was very hard to make this and get this color and hence only rich like kings were the one who could afford it.

The word purple has its origin in the word 'purpura' that describes a kind of shell fish
from which purple dye was being produced so that clothes
could be dyed. The word became popular when it started being used to be given colour to ROYAL ATTIRE and thus royalty has also been associated with it.

But nowadays the word is being used to describe a number of things and many of them are phrases and idioms.
The term purple patch is used to describe a period in which somebody is enjoying a spout of success in his life
and when some body uses the word purple heart he is talking about a medal that is given to the armed forces in the US and it has been given to those who have been wounded while in battle.

funny story:)

First-year students at Veterinary school were attending their first Anatomy class, with a real dead pig.

They all gathered around the surgery table with the body covered with a White sheet. The professor started the class by telling them, 'In Veterinary Medicine it is necessary to have two important qualities as a Doctor: The first is that you not be disgusted by anything involving the Animal body'. For an example, the Professor pulled back the sheet, touched his finger in the mouth of the dead pig, withdrew it and put his Finger in his mouth. 'Go ahead and do the same thing,' he told his students.

The students freaked out, hesitated for several minutes. But eventually took turns putting their finger in the mouth of the dead pig and tasted in their mouth.

When everyone finished, the Professor looked at them and said, 'The Second most important quality is observation. I touched with my middle Finger and tasted on my index finger. Now learn to pay attention…


Monday, May 4, 2009

movies i love:)


lion king
yours mine and ours
taking lives
mr.and mrs. smith
,talladega nights
the butterfly effect
,10 things i hate about you,
save the last dance,
40 year old vergin,
gingersnap 1 and 2,
john tucker must die,
finding nemo,
freaky friday,
mean girls
,mmmm when a stranger calls,
the grudge 1 and 2
,saw 1 2 3
,a walk to remember,
fun with dick and jane
,the ring 1 and 2
,white noise,
the hot chick,
the date movie,
8 legged freaks
THE notebook
over the hedge

Friday, May 1, 2009



One small step

'That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind' said the American astronaut Neil Armstrong, landing on the moon.

The English astrophysicist Fred Hoyle agreed that it was a small step: 'Space isn't remote at all. It's only an hour's drive away if your car could go straight upwards'. But the difficulties of that short journey have been memorably encapsulated by the words of astronaut James Lovell of Apollo 13: 'Houston, we've had a problem', and flight director Gene Krantz's response: 'Failure is not an option'.

The pioneering German rocket engineer Wernher von Braun took a very positive line on colonising space: 'Don't tell me that man doesn't belong out there. Man belongs wherever he wants to go - and he'll do plenty well when he gets there', but the English theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking was more cautious: 'We won't find anywhere as nice as Earth unless we go to another star system'. 'Beautiful! Beautiful! Magnificent desolation' was the reaction of the American astronaut Buzz Aldrin, on landing on the moon.

Astronomy deals in large numbers. 'Space is almost infinite. As a matter of fact, we think it is infinite' said the American Republican politician Dan Quayle. Three hundred years earlier the French scientist Blaise Pascal said 'The eternal silence of these infinite spaces terrifies me'. The same silence inspired the Italian-born American physicist Enrico Fermi to formulate his question on the existence of extra-terrestrials 'But where is everybody?'

But perhaps the most famous quotation on astronomy remains one of the earliest: Galileo's 'But it does move' said, according to tradition, after he had recanted his assertion that the earth moves around the sun.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

.........MY NCC:) :)



FROM:2002 TO 2004 (JW) phase 1
FROM 2005 TO 2007/08 (SW) phase2 and 3(final)

My friends say that I have to write a blog post on this.NCC has developed me personally and mentally. It gives you an opportunity where there is slew of growth towards positivity it teaches you face every obstruction you come across.

There are many training camps conducted at college levels (CATC), District levels, National Level (states competition) and then International Level (nations compete).
There are many competition that are held in these camps ,the tenure of the camp may differ from one to another but at college and district levels its only for 12-13 days.

National level takes lot of time in traveling though camp is going be there for 15days + traveling period and international level for 30 days + traveling
They take us different places and show us around on the last day cadets who are interested will be taken out on tour entire day with everything packed (food n refreshments) ALL THIS AT NO COST.

The students here called cadets and are given rank according to their seniority and performance and achievements. I was enrolled when I was in high school so obvious I was senior at college level (many cadets discontinue after high school level and we have fresher’s for college level) and in camps to I had around 600 cadets (girls)under me for 15days as I was senior in rank (and not in age) and I was totally responsible for them to my superior officers and staff.(taught me Leadership capabilities) and I am glad that I did my job better than I or my officers thought I would do.

At the campsite:

  • 5.30hrs our physical training used to start and many activities throughout the day.
  • Supper at 20.00 hrs and then prepare for next D day with competition, uniform cultural etc and Lights off by 22.00 hrs (but we couldn’t sleep at that time so used to light a candle and work hard and practice for tomorrow so sleep late)
  • The competition bring us the verve to participate and gumption makes us to withstand the weariness n the pressure from folks, college, battalion, state ,nation etc to be the best amongst others(as we represent them)
  • it makes us strong by acceding all the gritty things like in satiation, rebuffing, avengers, defeat, sabotages n more yet we have our composure and maintain our grandeur. This taught us the way to lead life in this competitive world, which is higher than this.
Well, I can’t say that only these things are the one ,we do have loads of fun we make friends from many places a very good opportunity to meet people of your age or of your generation and of different mind sets.

I still have it fresh in my memories cute guys, flirting, having fun, improving your reasoning abilities to get out of situation that u don’t want to be in. and working in team(group or entire battalion performance) and alone (at times for solo performances) working for winning and to be the BEST FOR THE REST of that year etc. many things to name.

Apart from this, we did many adventure sports like rock climbing, mountaineering, par jumping, Para sailing, sea to air, jungle survival, bike expedition, river rafting more to name ALL THIS AT NO COST again. We even did charity works, helped social organization, volunteered in many state and national events.



;) smile n laugh..;)lol!


*U might hav read this already..... but its worth going thru again....
Principal to student..." I saw u yesterday rotating near girls hostel pulling cigarette... ? "

* Class teacher once said : " pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!

*Once Hindi teacher said...."I'm going out of the world to America.."


*Don't..laugh at the back benches...otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down...

*It was very hot in the afternoon when the teacher entered.. She tried to switch the fan on, but there was some problem. And then she said " why is fan not oning" (ing form of on)

*Teacher in a furious mood... Write down ur name and father of ur name!!

*"shhh... Quiet... The principal is revolving around college"

*Newly appointed teacher, introduced herself like this "Hi, I am Pinky, Married with two kids"

*"I'll illustrate what I have in my mind" said the professor and erased the board

*"will u hang that calendar or else I'll HANG MYSELF"


*Chemistry HOD comes and tells us.... "My aim is to study my son and marry my daughter"

*Tomorrow call ur parents especially mother and father

*"why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am in the class?!"

*Lab assistant said this when my friend wrote wrong code.. "I understand. You understand. Computer how understand??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

G gRoWiNg UP!!

I believe in this it makes so much sense right now for the things im going through n stuff. sometimes letting go things makes your life so simple and easy. I thought i cant live without many people (like my friends with whom ive fought for different reasons). but now its all making sense.

I know im still young n these are not the only people in my life i should learn it that people will come n go in my life.But people who stay are worth keeping for, because they know u inside out n yet accept you n be with you through all the thick n thins of life.

I know people i fought with will come back to me ,they will n they are! However sometimes these small things leave a huge mark which is hard to understand but may be forgetting it is better solution n is good for all.We all make mistakes and its common who else can make mistakes other than us but every mistake we should learn something.

Sometimes i wonder if my decisions are right? what i am going to do or what i am doing is the right thing for me and my future n people related to it? I am confident on my decisions and if people dont like it then they just dont. i cant impress everyone well im not there to impress or make my image as a 'GOOD person' o something ,I AM WHAT I AM n i dont need anyones approval for it.Well i think many people think the same but im still growing n learning things..;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of my fav images that i had saved in a folder.I dont remember the source because after a longtime i opened that folder and just wanted to share.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

summer vacations..;)

When is my exam gonna get over??? was something i used to ask myself from a very long time i was longing for vacation. But now that i have, I don really know how do i spend it... Today morning before getting out of my cushion bed i decided how to spend it rather than wasting it.Well here it is;

1. Going for a summer job- it could be a good income for me to buy new mobile and a i pod n even job experience for my masters;)

2. Read all the books i had wanted to- I love books and there are so many books that are due n they should be read before my vacation gets over.

3. Other things- Like Shopping,hanging out with friends,watching movies,watching t.v n catching up with all the shows i missed,categorizing everything like books n stuff,gyming,taking care of myself, following beauty regime,goto places etc.

Hope its gonna be wonderful vacation n will not miss anyone of my friends whom im not meeting.;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

guys n exams together???!!!!;(

I woke up at 5 am, studied though i was drowsy n yet managed to study ,then took bath, got ready, went to college in time(i am usually late for everything).
Exams - 'Time where students are tested for their skill and knowledge that as gone into them after a long time of teaching'.
My exams are going on n its very hard for me to survive in exam hall,reasons are:-
1. There will be nobody writing except me (our question papers are difficult n my friends are lazy to study)..!
2. There are many cute guys who will be looking at me because i am the only person who writes exams and ask for 4-6 additional sheets as the given sheets wont be enough!

There is this cute guy called Mr.q in my exam hall, who is my senior and i noticed him almost 6 months before while writing another exam. He always used to look at me, once i finished my exam almost 30 min before and after re checking n stuff was looking around to kill the time and there was this guy seated in the same row where i was but at the other end. n he was looking at me several times. i thought OK may be that's the way this person is,n next day i saw him like checking me out!!! huh! Wat the hell was he thinking that i am blind n i cant see him looking at me o anything! n then he gave a cute smile n so did i. from then on it all started anyway he never writes anything except starting 5Min's he will take to fill the details on main paper like name, number etc.. even now he does same thing, i wont have time to look at what he is doing even if i want to because i am more interested in writing than look at guys;) but whatever he still does the same thing n whenever i look at him n into his eyes he looks at me for a while n just takes away !!may be he is scared to approach me as i am a very different individual at college . well whatever!! all that does not matters cuz he is cute, he's filled with humor n i love the way he dresses himself n carry him self,he has good personality n he looks at me all the time( for 3 hrs)!;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


my examz..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hit the books.....

i hate examz.. sometimes i just love them more than anything else on this earth. well anyway this time i dont like it. i feel examz are like vistors they vist me every month..!

sometimes it occupies me soo much that apart from my books i wont have anything to do..! my subjects are very interesting so i know i will make it..;)

but still have to study so much. i cant expect more marks cuz i have done no early preparations at all..! too much into other things..!;( anyway gotta study for tomo..! tada..!!!

double d..!

Dating is so much fun!esp. double dating..:) This was not my first double date i had been on many dates but this one was but different from other dates. Every date teach u something n they are different! Well, I had been on the date with Mr.A in the evening.

I was late like always! i am very bad at time management and he waited for more than an hour patiently n dint run out of patience(may be he had i don't know) and as soon as i met him i apologised that i had made him wait for so long .

We had a good talk for a while with a cup of coffee n some snacks and then he like a gentlemen behaved himself and things were good but for some reason i dint like him soo much!

I mean the way he looks at things and my views are too very different he is just not my kind but he understands what i said n he always kept the conversation going on n dint let me to get bored o dint occupy the entire talk and after a good talk over a cup of coffee we both left, he said his next plan n said he's looking forward for another meet soon. ;)

Then i had to meet Mr.B well Mr.B was well dressed unlike Mr.A n he was more of gentleman.. i was really amazed with his good manners n etiquette. I had more fun n had a good talk on things that interests both of us. Mr.B often visits home n his conduct was just unbelievable. Then after a long good talk we both left.

On the way while coming home my vehicle got punctured n that was so bad Mr.B came to help me out but by that time i was done..! n just thanked him for coming n helping me out n left.

after coming home MR B called me back! n MR A too did but i spoke to each for 30 Min's n started studying!! then a bad headache so dozed off! couldnt study!

But still double date the whole experience is SO much fun! ;)
dont u agree?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

movies..... n me

I am a big movie n music buff.! seems like im very much fond of letter M :)?! anyway... sometimes movies that we see teaches us so many things, i personally learn so many things from it.sometimes u come across situations like something u have in seen in the movie.

I don't really know is it my o others perception o is it really is! I dont really believe in movies dont really dream that everything we see on the screen really happens to us but i feel its fun to watch n forget, nice thing to learn n to kill time n sometime spending time with the one you love n nobody disturbs in the dark place n loud sound.

i love watching movies, popcorn, the cold drink n the smell of multiplex.


today i changed the direction i sleep and work and thats cuz

1) i was bored of sleeping in the same direction from past 8 months

2) i was noticing there was lot of wrong things going in my life and it was very much painful for me to go through that during my exams ( i know i am superstitious)

cleaning process took a long time and it consumed the time that i had alloted for reading n finishing one of my practical subject. n i have to finish it of today working day and night and it hard:(

cuz as the clock ticks to 2.30 i start getting sleep n cant concentrate at all. so have to study n keep myself up at any cost and finish the thing that i have thought to finish!.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

movie and shoppin is what i did today:)

After a very longtime i had been to a movie with my sis. Movie was good and fun. i had been to multiplex to watch a good movie after longtime. My friends are busy and i cant really ask them n it had been very longtime that i watched a movie with my sis.

Well she a kind of person who feels movies are of waste and they take away too much of money and time( includes watching,waiting and transportation) when a decent DVD or downloaded one would do same work at much lesser price,convenient time and at comfort level ( like sleeping if u r tired of sitting ,playing o doing other work along with watching movie) she says it saves time money and energy.

I will have to agree to what she says because her stand is logical but wats the fun if u don watch movie like it should be??? i love loud music,wide screen n darkness n silence in theater,at least there wont be a phone ringing ,dog barking o some one knocking at your door or sneaking thru the window to see wat others are doing???

so there are no chance of missing out on dialogues and u can involve yourself completely into it n enjoy n feel the emotions that are brought up. I believe every movie even the stupidest of it teaches you something so learn at every step.

but on the other side after watching the movie she starts cribbing well not cuz movie wasn't good cuz she lost her time n money i hate people who crib after everything is done.!!

Anyway movie was pretty good better than i expected it to be and i enjoyed it. after movie me n sis dropped to store n did some shopping and then spent our time between books.overall was very good day had fun n was exhausted.

;) ;)

Ramnavmi on 3rd of april

Well these are the pics of Rama in the cradle and his fave things- Panka of Muskmelon n Lemon,Kosambari and Masala buttermilk;)

I know this post should have been posted 2 days before but was quite tired and exhausted by the time i had reached home so wouldn't post it.

Ramnavmi is the birthday of the Lord Ram. He is the heroic character of the great epic of India Ramayana in this epic he is the son of Dasaratha and kousalya. Dasharatha had 3 wives namely Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikey n brothers namely from 1st mother-Rama n 3rd mother- Bharata n 2nd mother Laxmana n Shatrugna . Ram is popularly known as Mariyada puroshotham and ekapativastra.

brothers their wives

The writer of the Ramayana was Maharushi Valmiki though there are different writers of the same age who have narrated the story but the Ramyana written by Valimiki is popular as the reader can relate and his writing is simple his version of Ramayana is known as 'VALMIKI RAMAYANA' .In this the birth of lord Ram signifies winning of good over evil. Ram was born to King Dasharatha of Ayodhya dynasty and the 1st wife of the king,queen Kousalya of Koshala kingdom.The sage saw the unique characters of Rama as he was born and they had recognized his power and future,they blessed babyRam and said about his future to the king Dasharatha who was very happy. Ram was the favorite of his father n all 3 mothers, all the subjects too liked him a lot even before being the king of Ayodha kingdom.

This day is special as its Ram Birthday so all the Hindu's celebrate this festival,they prepare delicious food and even few of Ram's fav things like kosambri,panaka and masala majige which is also good for this season. So even at our home it was celebrated with joy of Rama being born n prepared all delicacies at home like sweets and other stuff and i love festivals so i was jumping and hopping around helping mom and dad in preparing the food and preparing for pooja after that dad did the pooja and i distributed prasadam to all. Then we all had a yummy lunch at home as his birthday treat. it was so much fun;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

wat should i do

Guess what??

i discovered why my vacations are for???

its to sought my issues , hang out n to do some shopping n listen to my friends issues n solve it.

You know what my friends always fight with their respective boyfriend or girlfriend and come to me and ask me what they should do? and if i say anything n if it works out then its their true love and affection n if it doesn't then its my fault!

well HOW RUDE IS THAT??? if i don't speak a word, then too its my mistake u know y??? because i dint speak n guide them what they should do??. I mean,what the hell? when things go right you guys don't have a decent attitude of showing some gratitude n they go wrong you blame me for it???

what sort of thing is it???its your life and your relation why don't you take care of it??? i am not an old agony aunt who's work is to solve issues. i have my life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bored on day1 of my summer vacation;(

Yesterday was the last day of my college( 4th semester) came home celebrated it with my sis as its end of my 2nd year of graduation another year and i will be 'graduate' .

From today my holidays has begun i am not feeling great in this so called summer vacations i am missing college already on day1.. thinking what to i do in this hot weather without college n meeting up with friends o listening to wonderful lectures i know, i can read for my preparatory which is starting of on 13th of this month n ends on 22nd n then i have a long vacation of3 months;(

thinking to join for a summer job o learn something during that time). But now i am at home n feeling very much bored have no idea what i should be doing.There are no great movies on tv n my sis isnt at home my doggy is sleeping so i am so much bored.

Heyy I guess i can catch up with the novel thats half read, its by' Emily Bronte' "Wuthering Heights"

My blog post

well the first post in my new blog;)

wondering what i should be writing..????

Hmmm i am a teenager n going to be twenty something and have loads to write that i think, do and happen with me.

i wasn't a great fan of blogging till recently because i used to write my personal diary never felt like sharing my life on net but then i thought its a online journal can add anything i want like my fav videos n free space so can write anything, unlike my diary 'a page a day' which is obiviously not enough n cant really take it o acess it everywhere;)

so technology comes handy;) n can let my friends know whats happening in my life as we departed after my 12th. want to say them i miss them n those times. To critics out ther like my sis who always comments about bad english vocabular n grammer n text message language i would ask them not to read n even if u do dont post a comment cuz this is my blog n can write anything i want.

I waited for a week to post my first post becuse i wanted it to be on first of anymonth n its april:) angel rev666 started her personal blog on 1st april:) cute na???

Monday, March 23, 2009

AUGUST 16 1989

Today when I was working out in gym today n i remembered that i have lot of shopping to be done . Ive been lazy to shop for summer because of my exams n college work n thought about my last year shopping for my birthday it was with such a gusto and enthusiasm , now here i am so much into work .

Then i went back to the date i was born AUGUST 16 1989 how did august get its name august??? i asked myself,wen in Hindu calender its only 10 months (i am a Sanskrit student and i have qiute a bit knowledge about this calender)then somewhere back in my mind i remember the old novel of my dad's that i had read during my free time - JULIUS CEASER by Shakespeare.

it was a very interesting book n i believe it holds good even today,we can relate so many current political situation to to that of in the book. then i got the answer for added 2 months;)

When Julius died, they named a month in his honor: the one we now call July.

When Augustus became emperor, he thought himself to be as important as Julius, so he insisted on having his own month. Once the month of August was created, he saw it only had 30 days.

So he insisted that it too should have 31 days, like the month of Julius his grandfather.
So they made August 31 days, then changed the pattern of 30-31 until the end of the formal year (December).

January was left unchanged at 31, while poor February, the last month of the year, lost another one to become a 28-day month (except 29 on Leap years). from then on many changes have been made to the julian or gregorian calendar.

Then i wanted to know about the main events that happened in the year i was born the following were few important things that happened during 1989

The Cold War ends
Communism in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe begins to collapse.

The Keating Five S&L scandal

  • March 24: The Exxon Valdez oil spill - Tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground on a reef in the Gulf of Alaska, causing about 265,000 barrels of oil to spill into the waters. This is the largest oil spill in U.S. history.
  • April 15: 95 fans crushed in British soccer stadium - Minutes after the soccer game begins, thousands of late-arriving fans pour into an already-packed stadium, killing 95 people and injuring almost 2,000.
  • June 3: Tiananmen Square uprising Chinese troops and tanks crush pro-democracy demonstrations at Beijing's Tiananmen Square, with many civilian casualties.
  • June 21: Supreme Court rules in favor of flag burning - In the case of Texas v. Johnson, the Court rules 5-4 that burning the American flag as a form of protest is protected under the First Amendment
  • November 9: Fall of Berlin Wall - The East German government submitted to mass protests for more freedoms and opened its borders, allowing its people to visit the West. This marks the beginning of the end of Communism.
  • December 20: Panama invasion (-1990) - President Bush orders "Operation Just Cause", an invasion of Panama to bring its President, Manuel Noriega, to justice for drug trafficking.
calender aug 16 1989
calender aug 16 1989

source: 70's history;google images

Monday, March 16, 2009

Just flowing thoughts:)

  • The tradition of kings n queens are from many centuries every time we had a new queen n a king we had new set of rules it is interesting to know that everyone wants to work for upliftment and yet in the history we have many kings n queens who dint make any progress,we can say that everyone has used trial n error method for beautiful today.

  • They experimented learnt n did several things that we are unaware of.

  • Today we have all the things so perfect in the name of manners that we are not suppose to commit even a small mistake out in public.

  • Its good that we dont have to work hard n everything is done lead a routine life with no excuses n shame. as the days change human n his thinking n perception changes but its very imporant to respect our values n ethics.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


*Tablecloths were originally meant to be served as towels with which dinner guests could wipe their hands and faces after eating.

*Until the nineteenth century, solid blocks of tea were used as money in Siberia.

*Tourists visiting Iceland should know that tipping at a restaurant is considered an insult.

*When glass breaks, the cracks move faster than 3,000 miles per hour. To photograph the event, a camera must shoot at a millionth of a second.

*A violin contains about 70 separate pieces of wood.

*During your lifetime, you'll eat about 60,000 pounds of food, that's the weight of about 6 elephants.

*Dolphins sleep with one eye open.

*A sneeze travels out your mouth at over 100 m.p.h.

*There wasn't a single pony in the Pony Express, just horses.

facts fun real
facts fun real

*The word 'byte' is a contraction of 'by eight.'

*The dollar symbol ($) is a U combined with an S (U.S.)

*Maine is the toothpick capital of the world.

*Barbie's measurements if she were life size: 39-23-33.

*The tune for the "A-B-C" song is the same as "Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star."

*Des Moines has the highest per capita Jello consumption in the U.S.

*Pinocchio is Italian for "pine head."

*In the last 4000 years, no new animals have been domesticated.

*Great Britain was the first county to issue postage stamps. Hence, the postage stamps of Britain are the only stamps in the world not to bear the name of the country of origin.

*Since 1896, the beginning of the modern Olympics, only Greece and Australia have participated in every Games.Fingernails grow nearly 4 times faster than toenails.

Friday, February 20, 2009

determination and success

SUCCESS is the happy fulfillment of our burning desire or the satisfactory achievement of our chosen and coveted objective. It is the gaining of our great goal that we dreamed and desired in our life. It is the realisation of the results of our intense interest,earnest hopes and dedicated efforts. It encompasses prosperity,good fortune,health,wealth,fortune,prestige,power,position,peace and harmony. Lack of education inherits,riches and connections need not deter us from Daring and Doing. The lives of great men and women spectacularly spotlight that most of them began life with next to nothing,but rose to EMINENCE and proved to be successful by developing and utilizing their talents with ZEAL,DEDICATION,DETERMINATION AND SINCERITY.There are examples galore of such illustrious people and to mention few Henry Ford,Abraham Lincoln

success money
success money

,John.D.Rockefeller,Mahatma Gandhiji,Mother Teresa.

'IF a man can write a better book,preach better sermon,or make a better mousetrap than his neighbour,though he builds his house in woods,the world will make a beaten path to his door' - Emerson.

Hence with our inventive and creative ideas if we perform better than others you are bound to win and to be in demand. THE MAN WHO WINS IS THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN. As you think so you become with right efforts. THERE IS MONEY IN IDEAS,MORE OFTEN VERY BIG MONEY IN SMALL AND SIMPLE IDEAS.

We should be honest and render good service for fair payment.No matter what we do,we can emerge as winner of it,if only we give people what they want and need,in full value and at competitive matter if you taste success or the opposite always remember to smile that increases the positive energy in you for better future and better achievement.

:) :) KEEP SMILING :) :)

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

satyam ceo Ramlinga Raju Resigination letter

Satyam computers was started on 24th June 1987. it was incorporated as as a pvt company for software development and consultancy service.the company was promoted by Ramalinga Raju and Rama Raju. the company has set up technology park,mayfair centre etc.Then on 26th aug 1991 it was converted into public company.


link: Ramalinga raju resiginition letter dated 7th jan resignation letter

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Angel n 666

We could change our ways.

That is,if we wanted to

But we rest between

angel and the beast [666]

We know our flaws,

We see them all around

But we will never change ourselves,

We rest uneasily between

An Angel and The Beast.