Saturday, February 27, 2010

meeting my chddi-baddi's galfrn


No idea where to start??.... hm mm my best friend got a gal and the first person he shared it was me. I was too happy to know he s into a relationship now (though every time he screwed it up, hopefully this time he wont) . He wanted her to meet me first after 3 months being together. So he planned it with all his care and attention he arranged for it which was very sweet of him. I wasn't informed about this meeting so i had no idea that i would be meeting her. After i met her we spoke had a delicious lunch she was sweet n perfect for him. I had no idea that my opinion would make such a difference to someone. He asked me how was she and i replied shes average and that poor fellow dumped her!!!?? i dont know what was wrong with me... now hes tryna fix things up but i still feel bad about what just a word of mine did to him n her!

Carefull with everything i say i evalute analyse its effect now. Lesson learnt

Being friends with that; was-so-special

Is it odd??? if you be friends with ur Ex??? :O...

Dont know why??? being friends with your ex is suppose to be easy job as long as they wont be stuck with the past. situations turn worse when he is still stuck and you have moved on and happy being single and with full on Josh planning for a bright career. It becomes awkward when you have to face him every time you meet your best friends. After knowing that he s still stuck its hard to face him specially when u dump him ,at the same time u cant stop meeting your best- friends just because he is around.

Is time the real healer??? why are things soo soo complicated??? why cant it be like you break up one night next morning everyone will be fine with it and have no issues n Move on happily ... i wish...

Friday, February 26, 2010

choices we make affect us so much in everyway

Making choices is a part of ones life. We make choice everyday right from the moment we wake up til we sleep we make choices based on priorities and their importance. Even i am doing something similar these days. i have to make to choice every minute and at times in the amid of things when i feel my decision to choose something was wrong i feel so terrible specially when others want to bring me down. I have learnt that no matter what decision u make u gotta stick with it and make sure u have made right decision, even if its wrong you cant just let yourself down right?? as long as it doesnt Harm anyone everything is fine.

is it right????:O hard to decide again..!

Friday, February 19, 2010

too many things,too less things

There is so much happening in my life now its last sem and too many things are happening around.
there are too many things n too less time. I wish i could post it everyday but my schedule is in such a way that by the time i reach home it wil be night, i finish my chores at home i will be so tired that i just goto bed to start early next day.

too many things like Projects,Interviews, Industrial visits, Submissions, friends getting married n more
too less time cuz travelling takes lot of time with the metro construction traffic is worse here , and my college starts at 07.15 hrs but travelling from my house till college takes around 40 mins with free roads, with congestion its harder to reach on time so gotta leave early n then after college projects n blah blah it wil be 6.30 by the time i leave my campus. So i will head back home by 8 n by 12 i will be exhausted n i sleep to wake up @ 5.30 am in the morning.