Wednesday, April 29, 2009

.........MY NCC:) :)



FROM:2002 TO 2004 (JW) phase 1
FROM 2005 TO 2007/08 (SW) phase2 and 3(final)

My friends say that I have to write a blog post on this.NCC has developed me personally and mentally. It gives you an opportunity where there is slew of growth towards positivity it teaches you face every obstruction you come across.

There are many training camps conducted at college levels (CATC), District levels, National Level (states competition) and then International Level (nations compete).
There are many competition that are held in these camps ,the tenure of the camp may differ from one to another but at college and district levels its only for 12-13 days.

National level takes lot of time in traveling though camp is going be there for 15days + traveling period and international level for 30 days + traveling
They take us different places and show us around on the last day cadets who are interested will be taken out on tour entire day with everything packed (food n refreshments) ALL THIS AT NO COST.

The students here called cadets and are given rank according to their seniority and performance and achievements. I was enrolled when I was in high school so obvious I was senior at college level (many cadets discontinue after high school level and we have fresher’s for college level) and in camps to I had around 600 cadets (girls)under me for 15days as I was senior in rank (and not in age) and I was totally responsible for them to my superior officers and staff.(taught me Leadership capabilities) and I am glad that I did my job better than I or my officers thought I would do.

At the campsite:

  • 5.30hrs our physical training used to start and many activities throughout the day.
  • Supper at 20.00 hrs and then prepare for next D day with competition, uniform cultural etc and Lights off by 22.00 hrs (but we couldn’t sleep at that time so used to light a candle and work hard and practice for tomorrow so sleep late)
  • The competition bring us the verve to participate and gumption makes us to withstand the weariness n the pressure from folks, college, battalion, state ,nation etc to be the best amongst others(as we represent them)
  • it makes us strong by acceding all the gritty things like in satiation, rebuffing, avengers, defeat, sabotages n more yet we have our composure and maintain our grandeur. This taught us the way to lead life in this competitive world, which is higher than this.
Well, I can’t say that only these things are the one ,we do have loads of fun we make friends from many places a very good opportunity to meet people of your age or of your generation and of different mind sets.

I still have it fresh in my memories cute guys, flirting, having fun, improving your reasoning abilities to get out of situation that u don’t want to be in. and working in team(group or entire battalion performance) and alone (at times for solo performances) working for winning and to be the BEST FOR THE REST of that year etc. many things to name.

Apart from this, we did many adventure sports like rock climbing, mountaineering, par jumping, Para sailing, sea to air, jungle survival, bike expedition, river rafting more to name ALL THIS AT NO COST again. We even did charity works, helped social organization, volunteered in many state and national events.



;) smile n laugh..;)lol!


*U might hav read this already..... but its worth going thru again....
Principal to student..." I saw u yesterday rotating near girls hostel pulling cigarette... ? "

* Class teacher once said : " pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!

*Once Hindi teacher said...."I'm going out of the world to America.."


*Don't..laugh at the back benches...otherwise teeth and all will be fallen down...

*It was very hot in the afternoon when the teacher entered.. She tried to switch the fan on, but there was some problem. And then she said " why is fan not oning" (ing form of on)

*Teacher in a furious mood... Write down ur name and father of ur name!!

*"shhh... Quiet... The principal is revolving around college"

*Newly appointed teacher, introduced herself like this "Hi, I am Pinky, Married with two kids"

*"I'll illustrate what I have in my mind" said the professor and erased the board

*"will u hang that calendar or else I'll HANG MYSELF"


*Chemistry HOD comes and tells us.... "My aim is to study my son and marry my daughter"

*Tomorrow call ur parents especially mother and father

*"why are you looking at the monkeys outside when I am in the class?!"

*Lab assistant said this when my friend wrote wrong code.. "I understand. You understand. Computer how understand??

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

G gRoWiNg UP!!

I believe in this it makes so much sense right now for the things im going through n stuff. sometimes letting go things makes your life so simple and easy. I thought i cant live without many people (like my friends with whom ive fought for different reasons). but now its all making sense.

I know im still young n these are not the only people in my life i should learn it that people will come n go in my life.But people who stay are worth keeping for, because they know u inside out n yet accept you n be with you through all the thick n thins of life.

I know people i fought with will come back to me ,they will n they are! However sometimes these small things leave a huge mark which is hard to understand but may be forgetting it is better solution n is good for all.We all make mistakes and its common who else can make mistakes other than us but every mistake we should learn something.

Sometimes i wonder if my decisions are right? what i am going to do or what i am doing is the right thing for me and my future n people related to it? I am confident on my decisions and if people dont like it then they just dont. i cant impress everyone well im not there to impress or make my image as a 'GOOD person' o something ,I AM WHAT I AM n i dont need anyones approval for it.Well i think many people think the same but im still growing n learning things..;)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Some of my fav images that i had saved in a folder.I dont remember the source because after a longtime i opened that folder and just wanted to share.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

summer vacations..;)

When is my exam gonna get over??? was something i used to ask myself from a very long time i was longing for vacation. But now that i have, I don really know how do i spend it... Today morning before getting out of my cushion bed i decided how to spend it rather than wasting it.Well here it is;

1. Going for a summer job- it could be a good income for me to buy new mobile and a i pod n even job experience for my masters;)

2. Read all the books i had wanted to- I love books and there are so many books that are due n they should be read before my vacation gets over.

3. Other things- Like Shopping,hanging out with friends,watching movies,watching t.v n catching up with all the shows i missed,categorizing everything like books n stuff,gyming,taking care of myself, following beauty regime,goto places etc.

Hope its gonna be wonderful vacation n will not miss anyone of my friends whom im not meeting.;)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

guys n exams together???!!!!;(

I woke up at 5 am, studied though i was drowsy n yet managed to study ,then took bath, got ready, went to college in time(i am usually late for everything).
Exams - 'Time where students are tested for their skill and knowledge that as gone into them after a long time of teaching'.
My exams are going on n its very hard for me to survive in exam hall,reasons are:-
1. There will be nobody writing except me (our question papers are difficult n my friends are lazy to study)..!
2. There are many cute guys who will be looking at me because i am the only person who writes exams and ask for 4-6 additional sheets as the given sheets wont be enough!

There is this cute guy called Mr.q in my exam hall, who is my senior and i noticed him almost 6 months before while writing another exam. He always used to look at me, once i finished my exam almost 30 min before and after re checking n stuff was looking around to kill the time and there was this guy seated in the same row where i was but at the other end. n he was looking at me several times. i thought OK may be that's the way this person is,n next day i saw him like checking me out!!! huh! Wat the hell was he thinking that i am blind n i cant see him looking at me o anything! n then he gave a cute smile n so did i. from then on it all started anyway he never writes anything except starting 5Min's he will take to fill the details on main paper like name, number etc.. even now he does same thing, i wont have time to look at what he is doing even if i want to because i am more interested in writing than look at guys;) but whatever he still does the same thing n whenever i look at him n into his eyes he looks at me for a while n just takes away !!may be he is scared to approach me as i am a very different individual at college . well whatever!! all that does not matters cuz he is cute, he's filled with humor n i love the way he dresses himself n carry him self,he has good personality n he looks at me all the time( for 3 hrs)!;)

Sunday, April 12, 2009


my examz..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hit the books.....

i hate examz.. sometimes i just love them more than anything else on this earth. well anyway this time i dont like it. i feel examz are like vistors they vist me every month..!

sometimes it occupies me soo much that apart from my books i wont have anything to do..! my subjects are very interesting so i know i will make it..;)

but still have to study so much. i cant expect more marks cuz i have done no early preparations at all..! too much into other things..!;( anyway gotta study for tomo..! tada..!!!

double d..!

Dating is so much fun!esp. double dating..:) This was not my first double date i had been on many dates but this one was but different from other dates. Every date teach u something n they are different! Well, I had been on the date with Mr.A in the evening.

I was late like always! i am very bad at time management and he waited for more than an hour patiently n dint run out of patience(may be he had i don't know) and as soon as i met him i apologised that i had made him wait for so long .

We had a good talk for a while with a cup of coffee n some snacks and then he like a gentlemen behaved himself and things were good but for some reason i dint like him soo much!

I mean the way he looks at things and my views are too very different he is just not my kind but he understands what i said n he always kept the conversation going on n dint let me to get bored o dint occupy the entire talk and after a good talk over a cup of coffee we both left, he said his next plan n said he's looking forward for another meet soon. ;)

Then i had to meet Mr.B well Mr.B was well dressed unlike Mr.A n he was more of gentleman.. i was really amazed with his good manners n etiquette. I had more fun n had a good talk on things that interests both of us. Mr.B often visits home n his conduct was just unbelievable. Then after a long good talk we both left.

On the way while coming home my vehicle got punctured n that was so bad Mr.B came to help me out but by that time i was done..! n just thanked him for coming n helping me out n left.

after coming home MR B called me back! n MR A too did but i spoke to each for 30 Min's n started studying!! then a bad headache so dozed off! couldnt study!

But still double date the whole experience is SO much fun! ;)
dont u agree?

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

movies..... n me

I am a big movie n music buff.! seems like im very much fond of letter M :)?! anyway... sometimes movies that we see teaches us so many things, i personally learn so many things from it.sometimes u come across situations like something u have in seen in the movie.

I don't really know is it my o others perception o is it really is! I dont really believe in movies dont really dream that everything we see on the screen really happens to us but i feel its fun to watch n forget, nice thing to learn n to kill time n sometime spending time with the one you love n nobody disturbs in the dark place n loud sound.

i love watching movies, popcorn, the cold drink n the smell of multiplex.


today i changed the direction i sleep and work and thats cuz

1) i was bored of sleeping in the same direction from past 8 months

2) i was noticing there was lot of wrong things going in my life and it was very much painful for me to go through that during my exams ( i know i am superstitious)

cleaning process took a long time and it consumed the time that i had alloted for reading n finishing one of my practical subject. n i have to finish it of today working day and night and it hard:(

cuz as the clock ticks to 2.30 i start getting sleep n cant concentrate at all. so have to study n keep myself up at any cost and finish the thing that i have thought to finish!.


Saturday, April 4, 2009

movie and shoppin is what i did today:)

After a very longtime i had been to a movie with my sis. Movie was good and fun. i had been to multiplex to watch a good movie after longtime. My friends are busy and i cant really ask them n it had been very longtime that i watched a movie with my sis.

Well she a kind of person who feels movies are of waste and they take away too much of money and time( includes watching,waiting and transportation) when a decent DVD or downloaded one would do same work at much lesser price,convenient time and at comfort level ( like sleeping if u r tired of sitting ,playing o doing other work along with watching movie) she says it saves time money and energy.

I will have to agree to what she says because her stand is logical but wats the fun if u don watch movie like it should be??? i love loud music,wide screen n darkness n silence in theater,at least there wont be a phone ringing ,dog barking o some one knocking at your door or sneaking thru the window to see wat others are doing???

so there are no chance of missing out on dialogues and u can involve yourself completely into it n enjoy n feel the emotions that are brought up. I believe every movie even the stupidest of it teaches you something so learn at every step.

but on the other side after watching the movie she starts cribbing well not cuz movie wasn't good cuz she lost her time n money i hate people who crib after everything is done.!!

Anyway movie was pretty good better than i expected it to be and i enjoyed it. after movie me n sis dropped to store n did some shopping and then spent our time between books.overall was very good day had fun n was exhausted.

;) ;)

Ramnavmi on 3rd of april

Well these are the pics of Rama in the cradle and his fave things- Panka of Muskmelon n Lemon,Kosambari and Masala buttermilk;)

I know this post should have been posted 2 days before but was quite tired and exhausted by the time i had reached home so wouldn't post it.

Ramnavmi is the birthday of the Lord Ram. He is the heroic character of the great epic of India Ramayana in this epic he is the son of Dasaratha and kousalya. Dasharatha had 3 wives namely Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikey n brothers namely from 1st mother-Rama n 3rd mother- Bharata n 2nd mother Laxmana n Shatrugna . Ram is popularly known as Mariyada puroshotham and ekapativastra.

brothers their wives

The writer of the Ramayana was Maharushi Valmiki though there are different writers of the same age who have narrated the story but the Ramyana written by Valimiki is popular as the reader can relate and his writing is simple his version of Ramayana is known as 'VALMIKI RAMAYANA' .In this the birth of lord Ram signifies winning of good over evil. Ram was born to King Dasharatha of Ayodhya dynasty and the 1st wife of the king,queen Kousalya of Koshala kingdom.The sage saw the unique characters of Rama as he was born and they had recognized his power and future,they blessed babyRam and said about his future to the king Dasharatha who was very happy. Ram was the favorite of his father n all 3 mothers, all the subjects too liked him a lot even before being the king of Ayodha kingdom.

This day is special as its Ram Birthday so all the Hindu's celebrate this festival,they prepare delicious food and even few of Ram's fav things like kosambri,panaka and masala majige which is also good for this season. So even at our home it was celebrated with joy of Rama being born n prepared all delicacies at home like sweets and other stuff and i love festivals so i was jumping and hopping around helping mom and dad in preparing the food and preparing for pooja after that dad did the pooja and i distributed prasadam to all. Then we all had a yummy lunch at home as his birthday treat. it was so much fun;)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

wat should i do

Guess what??

i discovered why my vacations are for???

its to sought my issues , hang out n to do some shopping n listen to my friends issues n solve it.

You know what my friends always fight with their respective boyfriend or girlfriend and come to me and ask me what they should do? and if i say anything n if it works out then its their true love and affection n if it doesn't then its my fault!

well HOW RUDE IS THAT??? if i don't speak a word, then too its my mistake u know y??? because i dint speak n guide them what they should do??. I mean,what the hell? when things go right you guys don't have a decent attitude of showing some gratitude n they go wrong you blame me for it???

what sort of thing is it???its your life and your relation why don't you take care of it??? i am not an old agony aunt who's work is to solve issues. i have my life!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bored on day1 of my summer vacation;(

Yesterday was the last day of my college( 4th semester) came home celebrated it with my sis as its end of my 2nd year of graduation another year and i will be 'graduate' .

From today my holidays has begun i am not feeling great in this so called summer vacations i am missing college already on day1.. thinking what to i do in this hot weather without college n meeting up with friends o listening to wonderful lectures i know, i can read for my preparatory which is starting of on 13th of this month n ends on 22nd n then i have a long vacation of3 months;(

thinking to join for a summer job o learn something during that time). But now i am at home n feeling very much bored have no idea what i should be doing.There are no great movies on tv n my sis isnt at home my doggy is sleeping so i am so much bored.

Heyy I guess i can catch up with the novel thats half read, its by' Emily Bronte' "Wuthering Heights"

My blog post

well the first post in my new blog;)

wondering what i should be writing..????

Hmmm i am a teenager n going to be twenty something and have loads to write that i think, do and happen with me.

i wasn't a great fan of blogging till recently because i used to write my personal diary never felt like sharing my life on net but then i thought its a online journal can add anything i want like my fav videos n free space so can write anything, unlike my diary 'a page a day' which is obiviously not enough n cant really take it o acess it everywhere;)

so technology comes handy;) n can let my friends know whats happening in my life as we departed after my 12th. want to say them i miss them n those times. To critics out ther like my sis who always comments about bad english vocabular n grammer n text message language i would ask them not to read n even if u do dont post a comment cuz this is my blog n can write anything i want.

I waited for a week to post my first post becuse i wanted it to be on first of anymonth n its april:) angel rev666 started her personal blog on 1st april:) cute na???