Sunday, November 21, 2010

Morning at 7.00 am

It feels so beautiful birds are chirping its cold people are practicing pranayama and in the houses tier is smell of fresh soap and awesome smell of food which is over powering everything.. Tier is music in the air tier are so many types of birds and I just saw eagle touching ground and flying away taking nothing.. And saw a pigeon eagle has better flying skill was my observation .. I can see so many steps as I get down am seeing a guy getting dressed as typical south indian groom outside the temple and with him are the photographer, video man, cant help but notice the thick gold chain in his neck.. Suddenly my ears take my eyes to other direction where their a cute dog so big and cute its flappin ears and its tongue hanging out and its breath reminds me of titanic I wonder if it is that cold in here.. Well its thick coffee brown mane which is shiny and the way its barking is adorable maybe dog way of saying good morning then it got distracted and ran to other corner which forced its master to run behind it like he is trying hard to get grip of himself and his dog.. Then from same side appears a old man wit white dress like a politician and a small boy to help him to walk to temple. It was his morning visit to temple for good blessings

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Festive Season

Festival and marriage is in the air. So much of shopping, eating, meeting...

Gosh! Diwali is over and we have so many festivals and every festival we will have guests. Being in India culture rich land everyday is a festival and you get to celebrate them all. This is also marriage season n my friends are getting married gifts to them, gifts for diwali and also shopping to be done for new year. Its so much of running around, i love doing that:)

Diwali morning Guests at home, traditional Aarti early in the morning (love that part of diwali) getting blessings from all the elders and wishing everyone.. one call after other, incoming starts from 6 am its been like tradition and the sky box, crackers, colourful dresses, sweets and awesome food, lights in the eve looks so peacefull. I love diwali cuz it also makes you look up for that colourful rocket and gives you a new high and my dog who looks up and barks at the rocket. I Love my family and to celebrate festivals with them.