Sunday, August 9, 2009

party after 2yrs...!

I was feeling very low as my life was changing . I had so many questions in my mind and had answers for no questions. My life was Topsy-turvy. Thats wen i decided to put on my best pair of shoes and slip into my black dress.

I started to live my life the way i did when these people wernt there in my life. No issues,people who want to go way. I let them to do so.. not expecting them back with me ever again.I really let it all go. I was happy that i finally learnt to let go and this time i opened all the doors that i have locked in order not to hurt these people feelings.

To my surprise i was shocked the way new people waiting to be part of my life. I went to a private party at disc organised by my friend. I took a friend of mine into that party when i entired i was greeted by many of my old old friends whom i had forgotten once existed. It was fun to know everyone at that party like from 5 yrs??...:)

My left hand with the stamp at the party:)

When the party began i could see people dying to talk to me. i was engaged all the time and was a good time to remember. Then when i dint care a damn about past and saw a beautiful present in a weeks time evrything was back to me..

That's when i understood being myself is better than to be someone you are not. i love parties, i love to drink,i love to dance,i love to loose myself to the tune and groove,smile to people and laugh at the guys who try to impress me and try to flirt with me. I know myself well and yes I LOVE TO BE ME cuz i know no one else can ever be me no matter what...

like i always say: I LOVE MYSELF I BELIEVE MYSELF..:)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Time makes Difference

Today was one of the best days i have ever had. I met my N.C.C junior's had fun thinking about those days when i was there.Initially i was very irregular because i had many things to do (bunk and laze around the college :P) , then later eventually entire coy was under me and every one were amazed to see different me after an year.

Even in class i have realized how being myself pays.Sometimes people are unbiased and everyone's a different individual.I have learnt to control my anger,ego and to have patience.Sometimes things you dont expect to work out does and other times things you want to work wont. :"Time is a dictator of our lives,
Patience is the virtue of wise"


Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last college fest of my college

L-R: me,sindhu,manasa,vaju,brinda

Today was the last day of my college fest. It was inter-collegiate fest.I went their at the time mr and miss enthic was to be chosen among the contestants. This will be the last fest ever i will be attending of my college.

It was good to be with my friends wearing saree and chit chating with them watching events and hogging. After a while we were bored of the fest so went to friends place near by had a real good chat with them.Then was the photo sessions and then i came back home thinking that these days will be over in some time and i will never get these days ever ;(

But the good thing is i always wanted to be a grown up girl and now i am wat i always wished to be. Now in pracitical way my life has begun. and i have decided to live it full without regrets and learning from mistakes.