Friday, February 20, 2009

determination and success

SUCCESS is the happy fulfillment of our burning desire or the satisfactory achievement of our chosen and coveted objective. It is the gaining of our great goal that we dreamed and desired in our life. It is the realisation of the results of our intense interest,earnest hopes and dedicated efforts. It encompasses prosperity,good fortune,health,wealth,fortune,prestige,power,position,peace and harmony. Lack of education inherits,riches and connections need not deter us from Daring and Doing. The lives of great men and women spectacularly spotlight that most of them began life with next to nothing,but rose to EMINENCE and proved to be successful by developing and utilizing their talents with ZEAL,DEDICATION,DETERMINATION AND SINCERITY.There are examples galore of such illustrious people and to mention few Henry Ford,Abraham Lincoln

success money
success money

,John.D.Rockefeller,Mahatma Gandhiji,Mother Teresa.

'IF a man can write a better book,preach better sermon,or make a better mousetrap than his neighbour,though he builds his house in woods,the world will make a beaten path to his door' - Emerson.

Hence with our inventive and creative ideas if we perform better than others you are bound to win and to be in demand. THE MAN WHO WINS IS THE MAN WHO THINKS HE CAN. As you think so you become with right efforts. THERE IS MONEY IN IDEAS,MORE OFTEN VERY BIG MONEY IN SMALL AND SIMPLE IDEAS.

We should be honest and render good service for fair payment.No matter what we do,we can emerge as winner of it,if only we give people what they want and need,in full value and at competitive matter if you taste success or the opposite always remember to smile that increases the positive energy in you for better future and better achievement.

:) :) KEEP SMILING :) :)