Friday, February 19, 2010

too many things,too less things

There is so much happening in my life now its last sem and too many things are happening around.
there are too many things n too less time. I wish i could post it everyday but my schedule is in such a way that by the time i reach home it wil be night, i finish my chores at home i will be so tired that i just goto bed to start early next day.

too many things like Projects,Interviews, Industrial visits, Submissions, friends getting married n more
too less time cuz travelling takes lot of time with the metro construction traffic is worse here , and my college starts at 07.15 hrs but travelling from my house till college takes around 40 mins with free roads, with congestion its harder to reach on time so gotta leave early n then after college projects n blah blah it wil be 6.30 by the time i leave my campus. So i will head back home by 8 n by 12 i will be exhausted n i sleep to wake up @ 5.30 am in the morning.


Creativity!! said...

Hey Dear :) Enjoy This Busy Student Life :) :) As We All Know, Student Life IS The Best Life :) :)

Revathi.M.Kulkarni said...

ya it is the best life.. :)