Sunday, July 4, 2010


After a long time i am here to update my blog. Now i am a graduate, feels like i joined just a week before to my coll and m done with my graduation. Time pass so fast just in a blink of an eye the day turns to dawn. I had a beautiful college life. I am glad i was in such an institution and such crowd, though everytime the crowd was always compared with seniors by the juniors, still was fun!

Those amazing days, i must say i had everything i needed, though i don miss those days. Well, its not really true that everyone is going to miss their college life once they pass out.It depends on how u want ur life to be after you get out with that graduation hat on ur head.Responsiblity, decision making, Ability and other such big and heavy words are gonna surround one making it difficult for one to survive as u pass out with out giving you any break to breathe But, thats where the you test yourself and evaluate yourself.

do the below 5 things:

1 Stay in touch with your friends meet them atleast once a month.
2 Decision making: think and act, do act quick, time is money.
3 Responisibilities gear up and take them up, u cant run from them for long.
4 Do all the things you used to or rather liked to do wen you were in college.
5 Make sure you priorities things correctly.