Tuesday, May 26, 2009

happily ever after??! y?

At times moving on becomes a part of life. no matter what we do life is short and the harder we try to live it good it becomes more harder. When things start falling apart do ur bit n sit back after a while you will see they will be back in the places.and things which wont be were never yours.

"To live happily ever after"
I've always loved fairy tales from childhood. The princess stories are my favorite may be because everything in it will be so pretty and beautiful and if we see our lives even it is the same but we fail to recognize it at times.The bad guy of the story makes things more perfect.He does a evil thing to hurt and in turn they become strong.'NO ONE CAN HURT U UNLESS U LET THEM TO'

Though they have to undergo such an agitation but it makes them understand things better and gives them scope for improvement. and it is necessary for the good characters who survive it to move on n that's when they live happily ever after.

so,I believe in MOVING ON and focus on other things life's short live it happily without regrets and get what i want n be everything what i want to be:)