Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I LOVE PURPLE COLOR. That's my fave color since i was in 7th grade. I dunno why i love that color but i just have major attraction to it.

Later in my high school i learnt that it was known as royal colour as the kings used to wear attire of this color.This color dyes were very expensive as it was very hard to make this and get this color and hence only rich like kings were the one who could afford it.

The word purple has its origin in the word 'purpura' that describes a kind of shell fish
from which purple dye was being produced so that clothes
could be dyed. The word became popular when it started being used to be given colour to ROYAL ATTIRE and thus royalty has also been associated with it.

But nowadays the word is being used to describe a number of things and many of them are phrases and idioms.
The term purple patch is used to describe a period in which somebody is enjoying a spout of success in his life
and when some body uses the word purple heart he is talking about a medal that is given to the armed forces in the US and it has been given to those who have been wounded while in battle.


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