Thursday, August 6, 2009

Last college fest of my college

L-R: me,sindhu,manasa,vaju,brinda

Today was the last day of my college fest. It was inter-collegiate fest.I went their at the time mr and miss enthic was to be chosen among the contestants. This will be the last fest ever i will be attending of my college.

It was good to be with my friends wearing saree and chit chating with them watching events and hogging. After a while we were bored of the fest so went to friends place near by had a real good chat with them.Then was the photo sessions and then i came back home thinking that these days will be over in some time and i will never get these days ever ;(

But the good thing is i always wanted to be a grown up girl and now i am wat i always wished to be. Now in pracitical way my life has begun. and i have decided to live it full without regrets and learning from mistakes.


Creativity!! said...

Yeppieee.............Wow Dear!!!!!!! Nice To See You & Vajju :D Its True Dear...You Don't Get Back These Moments Again :(..Enjoy At The Fullest :D

angelrev said...

thanks dear...:)

i know i will never get them back so living it to fullest.....! u to d the same;P