Sunday, October 18, 2009

ah ah its change

i am on call listening to music n enjoyin my vacations, suddenly a thought on thing i ve been goin through struck to my mind. I have my life sailing in a different direction and all the things thats happening, its strange to notice that things take toll on u n wen u want that thing to dissappear it doesnt give u wat u want but instead throws another thing at you.Things start to work out strange way that u wouldnt have imagined n no matter what life moves on.[:)]

At times u search for something and u never get and wen u stop hoping for it n feel numb abt it then a silver lining appears on the horizon. It really hurts to know that wen u stop hopin for it n feel numb abt it thats wen life shows to u that hope gives u patience n patience takes time n time yeild u fruits......

praising someone to get ur work done, keepin a face n doin something that should be done n ur heart needs something else and after all this u stil act really fine.... its difficult for a starter but being a bitch at times pays off. but its really hard... everyone does it n no one accepts .no one wants to be labelled as bad everyone wants to be good but its life u gotta play every role n ur role keeps changing.

I love the way things are changing n i am happy to witness it for others as well as mine..