Friday, October 2, 2009

It's been a very longtime i posted

After a longtime i had some time after all my work,now that my exams are comin' up my time is being consumed by my projects,case studies,seminars,presentations and submissions. The best way for me is twitter, no matter what i make sure i twit everyday, so follow me on twitter:)

Now my home n my college being wifi enabled its lot more easier for me to surf. I also got a new phone last month nokia 5800 xpressmusic ,touchscreen. Its touch feature makes things better and types of key pad's are like a relief for me as i text a lot. Its one touch to web browsing n wifi connectivity is so cool feature i surf everywhere in house in college before sleepin and after i wake up... its so fun. There are lot more features with my cell that i can never be bored and of all my cell did help me with the online search n other softwares when i figured out that my subimission was incomplete n deadline was after 3 hours on the same day. It was a life saver.

Well it also hav some flaws though its a cute,smart, girly looking phone it doesnt work when i am in hurry n also hangs a lot n has loads of other problems too!..... But when u are in love with it u cant leave it no matter what...:)



Creativity!! said...

hmmm :) Great Dear :) :) Congrats for ur new phn :) :) All The Very Best Success For Your Exams :) :)

Awesome Template Dear :) :)

Rohini Kulkarni said...

good one. keep writing. congrats on ur brand new mobile phone. :))

Revathi.M.Kulkarni said...

thank you guys:)