Monday, December 6, 2010

Now the chennai experience

1. Me at the beach.. ( wearing jacket)
2. Lotus for goddess LakshmiDevi at Ashta-Lakshmi Temple
3.just pillars

What can I write about chennai??

AH!!!!!the beautiful old temples, dirty beach, humidity, sand, sambar, tamil boards that I wasn’t able to read. Well I am just gonna jot down my beautifull experience in chennai city of temples

Wen intitally we started out I was so looking forward for the experience. It was fun saw lots of temples, beaches were amazing I wouldn’t mind settling there. Saw lots of tsunami reminders as well.:(

Saw ships, light house, played around got drenched, spicy food to digest, drinking lots of water … oh amazing water packets in plastic.

Games we played like amazing roller coster ride and more, un-scary house, green grass, lemonades we had, conversations and talks

Watching the blue skies, waves hitting the sand, the warm sand, the salty warm breeze, serene water, the fishermen n fishing nets, little crabs running around in unpredictible way, the shells on the shore, the rush of wave hitting your legs feels like its pulling you closer asking you to live with it than the earth like they are two teams, boats and ships on the other side, the horizon of water and sky, and then it turned dawn reached back and learnt poker game as well :) :)

Awesomeness best day I ever had loved it:)

p.s : posted few pics as well