Sunday, December 26, 2010

Visit to Holy place

Beautiful journey after wonderful darshana .. Got to know my weakness I hate new place and once I am adjusted there I feel more comfortable and relaxed. Its flood area so it took time for me to adjust .. I must say airavata gives you feeling of plane and it is nice and cosy i wished I can afford private jet and more once I start earning.

I love the feel was going in dark night, it was full moon and lots of stars and nice music on my pod. I am leaving this peaceful place with lots of blessings from god and good hope wit positive energy in me this was again a good one.

I loved it here wit dad and mom my fave part was Ratosava in the evening it was amazing to see so many people and the celebration. I love celebrating and people, flowers, aarti, colours, smell and knowledge and loud music to take the fears out of body and mind.. Peaceful its calm and worryfree feels like you are in heaven without any tension just enjoying the songs, food, water, god, celebration it was awesome and unforgettable days :-)

loved it thank you god please keep showering your love care affection protection and blessings on us :)


Creativity!! said...

Great Revathi :) :) S, Its Very Beautiful To See And Experience Such Rathothsavas :) :) I Miss Them A Lot Dear :) :)