Thursday, July 14, 2011

keep urself happy

The day I had an amazing day I neva thought it would be over soon.
Take anything just a hangout with buddies or spending time with your guy or a good sleep or just a thing u love doing. wat happens wen its over n you know it is just done forever this day won't return the time u had won't come back n its over forever.
Personally when I had this feeling even after knowing all the above when I went through it I felt horrible like everything is there for a moment n then its like never happened... how sad is life ??
Gosh!! Wen I had that moment I felt lonely, like no matter what you do at the end you have to stay with YOU no matter what!! So always treat yourself right with clear conscience be right to yourself its you who has to be alone and its life. If there was no videos photos or technology I would definitely take it as a dream,how would u prove that this funtime happened. Life is not fair:(