Thursday, September 8, 2011


Y do people fight wen they have a disagreement about something and they go out of their way to prove themselves right or just to annoy other person they say mean things and hurt them.Why??

Fight for themselves, to defend themselves and secure themselves they fight for their right , and for their right because they have a voice too n their opinion is important to them n feel it can help others n themselves, if not implement they should atleast be heard i have seen people being desparate to be heard, everyone wants to be heard..

Probably that is why everyone ,every single being fights.. Fight for self, fight for urself, fight for ur people,fight to be important,fight for ur importance, fight for acceptance,fight for survival, fight for freedom, fight for ur right, fight for love, fight! wage a war to own something but at last u end up with lots of loss n wounds which take lot of time to heal n leaves scars behind..

So why do we exactly fight ? How about everyone respecting, caring, loving n being affectationate about each other! ..

When war is done, the wound is gonna hurt both and losses can neva be filled , u can't undo the done in life.. Its too short to go thru all this n these kinda invisble deep wounds take real long time to heal n it doesn't even matter who won or lost either way both have lost! BUT ONE QUESTION REMAINS- "WAS IT ALL WORTH IT?"
life is indeed short for all this ...