Sunday, December 25, 2011


There wil be times when u will feel like everything is just illusionary. Nothing is real its all gonna fade away no one is gonna remember anything its like everyone is part of and yet no one is. You are destined to be alone most of times actually all the time. If u have people around u consider yourself lucky only if they stand with u and be for u. else like everyone you are gonna be urself and alone!:)

Being alone is simple you don’t have to bother whos gonna see you or about your image you know what you are,who you are and your potential. You don’t have to explain why u won o why you lost the little competitions in life. Its easy to live for yourself but when others get involved no matter how good friends you are o close pals you become you have to maintain that integrety, individuality you cant loose yourself and let yourself down. It complicates things. If you do something when you are alone you know its for yourself, you are gonna appericate it. When you do something for others and you see them being dissappointed,unhappy n more expection that you cant meet you loose your confidence which is like soul to you. You feel everything 80 times more than wat they feel. You would feel things with you are simple with others its complicated. Never being happy souls are more out ther no matter what you do they cant be happy they have a reason to cry and cribb..
At times you let yourself down so that you wont be alone when you know you are destined to be alone just to win that gift that god has given to human is they cant read others mind,very few are cursed with it though they can only guess its not like they can be sure of it. They can just know intentions not their strategy. No one is worth trusting not even yourself things are very uncertain in life you never know what can happen next, how things could be used against you.

No matter how fast you run u cant escape anything one fine day unexpectedly they will surface and you gotta deal with it that’s only option left. When you loose yourself to the fear you loose everything in this world. But when you loose fear you gain everything from the world like courage,success,people,strength,stamina and lot more.

Whwn people try to hurt you you don’t get hurt even a bit even if it does you don’t show you are still the same happy person how would they feel??? What that feeling tell you?? I know I have lot to do lot to experience. I have so much to do. Its like life is a syllabus and its covering it everyday by itself. Feels like the story of harry potter. In classroom of life for lifetime. You neva know when your test started o ended all you know is only when the results comes out. You know you learnt a lesson best part is in life’s exams you don’t necessarily have to pass,failure is called as distinction only if you learn from it and use it as your stepping stone.