Tuesday, December 6, 2011

poem by someone..

Girl you need to know, like u need me no more..
we all grow for sure; dont pick what u throw..
There's nothing to Make for this; its only when we loose we miss..
U Knocked me down wen i was low,there nothing left;left to show..
Though ur eyes say u need me,ur lips say u need to be set free..
Hurts to see what u've become,u know u don need yet u want some..

Got ur picture on ma wall; no i wont let u fall..
Sometimes we jus need to crawl, to make sure we dont loose it all..
Yeah U know how to roll the ball !!
Cross my hrt 'm not afraid to die, from the start never regret ur life..
Pull me close,hold me tight; give me power, give me light..
All those moment my lies,has brought tears into our eyes..
I stil hope and I Belive, that u'd never decive..
Tonight i smile to you looking at ur face, holding back the truth; hearts were neva meant to race..
Love's a weapon tat Kills alive, heart breaks are hard to survive..

There's just no turning back, can never stand against d fact..
Never made it as a wise man, though i did all i can..
No more apologies,no not even expectation to see; if this is how its suppose to be, yeah u all can sue me.
My souls frozen been in living hell, when ur soo good when i fell.
U can break me not my pride, i still love u yet its dead inside.
Cant burn d fire, cant sleep wen Drms haunt , If this is ur desire i give u what u want.

- MT