Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Things change but their memory remains.....

'You were topper of the class' said my childhood friend who has studied with me for 9 long years. We all were in same class . I dont even remember how i was at school till they told it. I was wondering in my mind am i the same me ?who was everyone's sweet heart at school and at home.

Today morning while i was still in bed ,dad was waking me up for his 3rd round of morning tea then i heard someone shouting my name outside the gate. So i rushed out to see who it was to my surprise they were my school friends. ;)

Then after they settled in our living room we had nice fun talking about our school days.the giety feeling of
Annual day-the lights ,stages,fog,loud music,the late night performance and great audience.It was not less than any bollywood award function

Sports day-{the sports which i was pretty bad at and my sis was good anyway we still used to have other stuff like Hoops,dumbbells,dance n more]

Teachers day
- entertaining teachers... it was blissfull.

Childrens day- teachers entertaining students... tat was soo much fun..

New year- wow damn can never forget the new years i have celebrated there with them
the yummy cakes of each class and sections,performances , celebrations just no words to express. Can say it showed Unity of class.

Republic day - flag hoist ,patrioism, dance ,colouring and prizes

Independence day -was similar to republic day celebration but it was before my birthday:)

Our class ,the play sessions,being school leader i miss them all.... and specially those special friends who used to help me to complete my notes while i was in all celebrations and missed my classes during reharsals and practices.
they really stood by me and accompany me everywhere i used to go. Many joined us to make it happen and teachers always guided us the right way.

I miss my teachers a lot who were real sweethearts who understood us better than our parents did.Who were spending time with us more than our parents...:)

My friends and i shared some old pictures and our memories I was feeling so very nostalgic and happy.Spoke to them after really really longtime .It was an amazing feeling to know how things change and what others are now. It was best day of my life may be because i had thought i'd never see them ever again. The innocence and purity days is what i'd like to call it as may be they will never come...or wil they???