Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lines i like from -' War and Peace'

LEO TOLSTOY has well observed the people of different countries and their way of apporach:

The penetrating observation is equally when appiled to nations:

A Frenchmen's conceit springs from his belief that mentally and physically he is irrestitibly fascinating both to men and women.

The Englishman's self assurance comes from being a citizen of best organised kingdom in the world'and because englishman he always knows what is the correct thing to do,and everything he does as an englishman is undoubtedly right

An Italian is conceited because he knows nothing and does not want to anything,since he does not believe that it is possible to know anything completely.

A conceit of German is the most stubborn and unattractive,because he imagines that he possesses the truth in science-a thing of his own invention but which for him is obsolute truth.