Thursday, April 23, 2009

summer vacations..;)

When is my exam gonna get over??? was something i used to ask myself from a very long time i was longing for vacation. But now that i have, I don really know how do i spend it... Today morning before getting out of my cushion bed i decided how to spend it rather than wasting it.Well here it is;

1. Going for a summer job- it could be a good income for me to buy new mobile and a i pod n even job experience for my masters;)

2. Read all the books i had wanted to- I love books and there are so many books that are due n they should be read before my vacation gets over.

3. Other things- Like Shopping,hanging out with friends,watching movies,watching t.v n catching up with all the shows i missed,categorizing everything like books n stuff,gyming,taking care of myself, following beauty regime,goto places etc.

Hope its gonna be wonderful vacation n will not miss anyone of my friends whom im not meeting.;)