Tuesday, April 28, 2009

G gRoWiNg UP!!

I believe in this it makes so much sense right now for the things im going through n stuff. sometimes letting go things makes your life so simple and easy. I thought i cant live without many people (like my friends with whom ive fought for different reasons). but now its all making sense.

I know im still young n these are not the only people in my life i should learn it that people will come n go in my life.But people who stay are worth keeping for, because they know u inside out n yet accept you n be with you through all the thick n thins of life.

I know people i fought with will come back to me ,they will n they are! However sometimes these small things leave a huge mark which is hard to understand but may be forgetting it is better solution n is good for all.We all make mistakes and its common who else can make mistakes other than us but every mistake we should learn something.

Sometimes i wonder if my decisions are right? what i am going to do or what i am doing is the right thing for me and my future n people related to it? I am confident on my decisions and if people dont like it then they just dont. i cant impress everyone well im not there to impress or make my image as a 'GOOD person' o something ,I AM WHAT I AM n i dont need anyones approval for it.Well i think many people think the same but im still growing n learning things..;)


Anonymous said...

break a paragraph into 4-5 lines(otherwise it takes a heavy toll on the reader) and please add an appropriate title to the post.
great content, keep it up! :)

angelrev said...

;) thank u..

Creativity!! said...

All Posts are fantastic Dear :) I completely read ur blog :) The images which u ve shared in one of the posts, is Awesome :) Thanks a lot for sharing :D You Are An Excellent Blogger :D Keep Blogging :)