Saturday, April 18, 2009

guys n exams together???!!!!;(

I woke up at 5 am, studied though i was drowsy n yet managed to study ,then took bath, got ready, went to college in time(i am usually late for everything).
Exams - 'Time where students are tested for their skill and knowledge that as gone into them after a long time of teaching'.
My exams are going on n its very hard for me to survive in exam hall,reasons are:-
1. There will be nobody writing except me (our question papers are difficult n my friends are lazy to study)..!
2. There are many cute guys who will be looking at me because i am the only person who writes exams and ask for 4-6 additional sheets as the given sheets wont be enough!

There is this cute guy called Mr.q in my exam hall, who is my senior and i noticed him almost 6 months before while writing another exam. He always used to look at me, once i finished my exam almost 30 min before and after re checking n stuff was looking around to kill the time and there was this guy seated in the same row where i was but at the other end. n he was looking at me several times. i thought OK may be that's the way this person is,n next day i saw him like checking me out!!! huh! Wat the hell was he thinking that i am blind n i cant see him looking at me o anything! n then he gave a cute smile n so did i. from then on it all started anyway he never writes anything except starting 5Min's he will take to fill the details on main paper like name, number etc.. even now he does same thing, i wont have time to look at what he is doing even if i want to because i am more interested in writing than look at guys;) but whatever he still does the same thing n whenever i look at him n into his eyes he looks at me for a while n just takes away !!may be he is scared to approach me as i am a very different individual at college . well whatever!! all that does not matters cuz he is cute, he's filled with humor n i love the way he dresses himself n carry him self,he has good personality n he looks at me all the time( for 3 hrs)!;)