Sunday, April 12, 2009

double d..!

Dating is so much fun!esp. double dating..:) This was not my first double date i had been on many dates but this one was but different from other dates. Every date teach u something n they are different! Well, I had been on the date with Mr.A in the evening.

I was late like always! i am very bad at time management and he waited for more than an hour patiently n dint run out of patience(may be he had i don't know) and as soon as i met him i apologised that i had made him wait for so long .

We had a good talk for a while with a cup of coffee n some snacks and then he like a gentlemen behaved himself and things were good but for some reason i dint like him soo much!

I mean the way he looks at things and my views are too very different he is just not my kind but he understands what i said n he always kept the conversation going on n dint let me to get bored o dint occupy the entire talk and after a good talk over a cup of coffee we both left, he said his next plan n said he's looking forward for another meet soon. ;)

Then i had to meet Mr.B well Mr.B was well dressed unlike Mr.A n he was more of gentleman.. i was really amazed with his good manners n etiquette. I had more fun n had a good talk on things that interests both of us. Mr.B often visits home n his conduct was just unbelievable. Then after a long good talk we both left.

On the way while coming home my vehicle got punctured n that was so bad Mr.B came to help me out but by that time i was done..! n just thanked him for coming n helping me out n left.

after coming home MR B called me back! n MR A too did but i spoke to each for 30 Min's n started studying!! then a bad headache so dozed off! couldnt study!

But still double date the whole experience is SO much fun! ;)
dont u agree?