Saturday, April 4, 2009

Ramnavmi on 3rd of april

Well these are the pics of Rama in the cradle and his fave things- Panka of Muskmelon n Lemon,Kosambari and Masala buttermilk;)

I know this post should have been posted 2 days before but was quite tired and exhausted by the time i had reached home so wouldn't post it.

Ramnavmi is the birthday of the Lord Ram. He is the heroic character of the great epic of India Ramayana in this epic he is the son of Dasaratha and kousalya. Dasharatha had 3 wives namely Kousalya, Sumitra and Kaikey n brothers namely from 1st mother-Rama n 3rd mother- Bharata n 2nd mother Laxmana n Shatrugna . Ram is popularly known as Mariyada puroshotham and ekapativastra.

brothers their wives

The writer of the Ramayana was Maharushi Valmiki though there are different writers of the same age who have narrated the story but the Ramyana written by Valimiki is popular as the reader can relate and his writing is simple his version of Ramayana is known as 'VALMIKI RAMAYANA' .In this the birth of lord Ram signifies winning of good over evil. Ram was born to King Dasharatha of Ayodhya dynasty and the 1st wife of the king,queen Kousalya of Koshala kingdom.The sage saw the unique characters of Rama as he was born and they had recognized his power and future,they blessed babyRam and said about his future to the king Dasharatha who was very happy. Ram was the favorite of his father n all 3 mothers, all the subjects too liked him a lot even before being the king of Ayodha kingdom.

This day is special as its Ram Birthday so all the Hindu's celebrate this festival,they prepare delicious food and even few of Ram's fav things like kosambri,panaka and masala majige which is also good for this season. So even at our home it was celebrated with joy of Rama being born n prepared all delicacies at home like sweets and other stuff and i love festivals so i was jumping and hopping around helping mom and dad in preparing the food and preparing for pooja after that dad did the pooja and i distributed prasadam to all. Then we all had a yummy lunch at home as his birthday treat. it was so much fun;)