Thursday, April 2, 2009

wat should i do

Guess what??

i discovered why my vacations are for???

its to sought my issues , hang out n to do some shopping n listen to my friends issues n solve it.

You know what my friends always fight with their respective boyfriend or girlfriend and come to me and ask me what they should do? and if i say anything n if it works out then its their true love and affection n if it doesn't then its my fault!

well HOW RUDE IS THAT??? if i don't speak a word, then too its my mistake u know y??? because i dint speak n guide them what they should do??. I mean,what the hell? when things go right you guys don't have a decent attitude of showing some gratitude n they go wrong you blame me for it???

what sort of thing is it???its your life and your relation why don't you take care of it??? i am not an old agony aunt who's work is to solve issues. i have my life!