Tuesday, April 7, 2009


today i changed the direction i sleep and work and thats cuz

1) i was bored of sleeping in the same direction from past 8 months

2) i was noticing there was lot of wrong things going in my life and it was very much painful for me to go through that during my exams ( i know i am superstitious)

cleaning process took a long time and it consumed the time that i had alloted for reading n finishing one of my practical subject. n i have to finish it of today working day and night and it hard:(

cuz as the clock ticks to 2.30 i start getting sleep n cant concentrate at all. so have to study n keep myself up at any cost and finish the thing that i have thought to finish!.



Rohini Kulkarni said...

Why on earth do u forget to put a suitable title to ur amazing post?

Very nice blog.Keep writing and Good luck.

angelrev said...