Wednesday, April 1, 2009

bored on day1 of my summer vacation;(

Yesterday was the last day of my college( 4th semester) came home celebrated it with my sis as its end of my 2nd year of graduation another year and i will be 'graduate' .

From today my holidays has begun i am not feeling great in this so called summer vacations i am missing college already on day1.. thinking what to i do in this hot weather without college n meeting up with friends o listening to wonderful lectures i know, i can read for my preparatory which is starting of on 13th of this month n ends on 22nd n then i have a long vacation of3 months;(

thinking to join for a summer job o learn something during that time). But now i am at home n feeling very much bored have no idea what i should be doing.There are no great movies on tv n my sis isnt at home my doggy is sleeping so i am so much bored.

Heyy I guess i can catch up with the novel thats half read, its by' Emily Bronte' "Wuthering Heights"