Saturday, April 4, 2009

movie and shoppin is what i did today:)

After a very longtime i had been to a movie with my sis. Movie was good and fun. i had been to multiplex to watch a good movie after longtime. My friends are busy and i cant really ask them n it had been very longtime that i watched a movie with my sis.

Well she a kind of person who feels movies are of waste and they take away too much of money and time( includes watching,waiting and transportation) when a decent DVD or downloaded one would do same work at much lesser price,convenient time and at comfort level ( like sleeping if u r tired of sitting ,playing o doing other work along with watching movie) she says it saves time money and energy.

I will have to agree to what she says because her stand is logical but wats the fun if u don watch movie like it should be??? i love loud music,wide screen n darkness n silence in theater,at least there wont be a phone ringing ,dog barking o some one knocking at your door or sneaking thru the window to see wat others are doing???

so there are no chance of missing out on dialogues and u can involve yourself completely into it n enjoy n feel the emotions that are brought up. I believe every movie even the stupidest of it teaches you something so learn at every step.

but on the other side after watching the movie she starts cribbing well not cuz movie wasn't good cuz she lost her time n money i hate people who crib after everything is done.!!

Anyway movie was pretty good better than i expected it to be and i enjoyed it. after movie me n sis dropped to store n did some shopping and then spent our time between books.overall was very good day had fun n was exhausted.

;) ;)