Wednesday, April 1, 2009

My blog post

well the first post in my new blog;)

wondering what i should be writing..????

Hmmm i am a teenager n going to be twenty something and have loads to write that i think, do and happen with me.

i wasn't a great fan of blogging till recently because i used to write my personal diary never felt like sharing my life on net but then i thought its a online journal can add anything i want like my fav videos n free space so can write anything, unlike my diary 'a page a day' which is obiviously not enough n cant really take it o acess it everywhere;)

so technology comes handy;) n can let my friends know whats happening in my life as we departed after my 12th. want to say them i miss them n those times. To critics out ther like my sis who always comments about bad english vocabular n grammer n text message language i would ask them not to read n even if u do dont post a comment cuz this is my blog n can write anything i want.

I waited for a week to post my first post becuse i wanted it to be on first of anymonth n its april:) angel rev666 started her personal blog on 1st april:) cute na???